Ghostwire: Tokyo | Xbox Announce Trailer

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Something different is looming in Tokyo. New otherworldly threats, strange occurrences and ghostly sightings have been spotted in the city – are you ready to dive into the unknown and save the day? Coming April 12, Ghostwire: Tokyo’s Spider’s Thread Update adds tons of new content to the game: • A challenging new roguelite mode, The Spider’s Thread, where players must fight floor-by-floor to reach the end, while uncovering a mysterious new story • Haunting new areas to explore in the main game—including the eerie Middle School—and new missions to unravel • New and expanded main story cutscenes • Deeper combat: avoid enemy attacks with the new Quick Dodge and Perfect Block Counter-Attack; strike from above with new aerial abilities; master powerful new Charge Rush Ethereal Weaving techniques; and utilize new talismans to aid you in battle • New enemy Visitors to test your skills • Expanded Photo Mode: add stamps to your screenshots, and use Meika to unlock figures at capsule machines to add their models to use in Photo Mode Pre-order:
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