Genshin Impact EP - Gentle Waves of Frost | Mundo Gamer Community

Windswept cliffs, secluded forests, and snow at the foot of a mountain. Across the outskirts of Mondstadt lie the scattered footprints of the Spindrift Knight. But under the day's warm breeze, the dutiful Captain of the Reconnaisance Company would occasionally have a rest. #01. Wayfarer's Peace - 0:00 #02. The Horizon - 1:30 #03. Moonlike Smile - 2:43 Download FREE: #GenshinImpact #miHoYo ↓ Follow us for the latest news ↓ Official Website: Official Community: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Reddit:

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Rafael Passos



Just a Sith Lord seeking for the ultimate cookie, found only in the depths of the dark side of the force.

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