We are the Mundo Gamer Team

This is the team responsible for the Mundo Gamer Community that seeks to bring to the public daily the best content and major events that happen in the world of the gaming industry.

Guilherme Cortez

Computer Engineer and CTO for a TueThink UG, Crypto analyst and investor.Currently a Mundo Gamer Network founder and blockchain strategist.

Patrick Cohenn

Patrick is a Computer Engineer with knowledgeable in the game market, social networking and promotion. He is also a native Portuguese speaker and work with our brazilian community.

Alexandru Blaga

Alex is the polyglot of our team. He is passionate of crypto, investments and he's working with german and romanian communities.

Raphaela Groff Montes

Web Designer, with experience in creating and maintaining websites and graphic projects.

Felipe Sousa Amaral

Felipe is a brazilian native, passionate about league of legends, english speaker and work with our brazilian community.

Matheus Valim

Interested in innovations and technologies, full stack developer and Counter-Strike player

Ighor Rocha Lobianco

Full time gamer, Ighor works with our brazilian community.

Romeu Melur

Software Engineering Manager and CEO at MELOZ MOBILE, Trade Representative at Mundo Gamer in Brazil. He has served as a technology specialist for over 15 years, and hopes to help in the...

Diego Cesar Machado de Souza

Happiness is only real when shared, but I don't share control 1.