Bittersweet 93

Doki Doki Literature Club

Depressing, but sweet. So, bittersweet. I liked the depressing parts as well as the sweet parts. It's interesting, too. Mentally stimulating, not just emotionally stimulating. Heed the warnings. I wouldn't be surprised if someone has killed themselves over this game. But if you honestly think you ...

Zombie Open World Game with B-Movie Taste 69

Dead Island

Just played Dead Island Definitve Edition and finished the campaign mode. I am gonna review it on the web but here random thought about it: The story line is basically about zombie outbreak in exotic island named Banoi Island where four immune survivor that consist of Kanye West, Sane Vaas Montene ...

A Hardcore Platformer as Dracula Slayer 84


Castlevania is first entry of popular old-school platformer that still recognized today among gamers. This game what is definition of challenging and hardcore platformer in 8bit era. Playing as Vampire Hunter, you have to face against supernatural enemies by using whip as main weapon and obtainable ...

Grand Theft Auto V 92

Grand Theft Auto V

Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto V beautifully returns to Los Santos. Not only does the game bring the Grand Theft Auto franchise to new heights, it also sets a new standard to the action/adventure open world sandbox that Rockstar crafts so delicately. Whether you are a fan of the Rockstar formula, or pi ...

Persona 5 94

Persona 5

Philosophical anime RPG adventure about learning to be more faithful to your true identity. Touches on some deeper/heavier psychological elements which may be triggers for some people. Unfortunately the pacing of the game could be better.

Fortnite 72


Really great game. I love it xD. Battle royale mode is big fun with friends

Silent Hill 3 84

Silent Hill 3

In many ways, this is a quite an improvement over the first and second game in my opinion; the characters are better (especially in the case of Heather who has VASTLY more personality than Harry or Jemas), the graphics are improved, the puzzles aren't so annoying etc. BUT, the core gameplay along w ...

One of the best releases of 2018 is RDR2

Red Dead Redemption 2

This game is just amazing, I just played for 2 hours so far but the game mechanics, physics and details are simply amazing! I believe that this game is going to be talk for a long time...

A Briliant RPG

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales

CD Projekt Red is back at it again with another awesome game. Thronebreaker is full of interesting and unique characters and hard choices with great impact. The visuals of this game are quite simplistic, yet very beautiful in their own way. Combat is in the form of the Witcher card game called Gwent ...

Underrated game

Desert Rats vs Afrika Korps

Oh man, where do I start? Desert Rats vs Afrika Korps was one of the games of my childhood and I've spent literaly hundreds of hours playing it over and over again. And now, 14 years later, I've played it again and I have to say that I still enjoyed it alot. If you ask me, this game is seriously und ...