Demeter, The Asklepios Chronicles released on Meta Quest Store - check out the details and the launch trailer.

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The game Demeter, The Asklepios Chronicles, developed by Novelab, is now available on the Meta Quest Store. This is the first mixed reality platform game, specially designed for Quest and Quest Pro devices.

Game Features:

  1. Mixed Reality Experience: Built from the ground up to take advantage of mixed reality, the game dynamically alters the player's physical environment to create a unique world in each gaming session.
  2. Engaging Storyline: Players will help Atalanta understand how and why she ended up in her house, exploring a universe that dynamically adapts to the player's physical space.
  3. Adaptation to Any Environment: The game adjusts to rooms of any size, transforming furniture and walls into complex puzzles that are an integral part of the story.
  4. Important Choices: Players' decisions and discoveries will affect the fate of Demeter and Atalanta.
  5. Narrative and Emotional Depth: An engaging narrative with emotional depth and a captivating plot to uncover.
  6. Exploration and Discoveries: Discover powers and new modes of transportation to guide Atalanta through the world of Demeter.

The game offers a unique and holistic approach, connecting the player's real world to the game, not only physically but also narratively. The developers aim to provide an unprecedented experience at the intersection of gaming and mixed reality.

Demeter, The Asklepios Chronicles marks a significant step in exploring the possibilities of mixed reality, offering players a unique journey in the ancient world of Demeter.

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