Xbox Game Pass: FIFA 23 and 7 more games join the service

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The list also includes Eastern Exorcist

Another list has been revealed with new games coming to Xbox Game Pass, this time eight games are joining the service. The list includes FIFA 23, Eastern Exorcist, and the console version of Cassette Beasts, which arrived on Game Pass for PC last month.

FIFA 23 (Console and PC) EA Play - Available Now

FIFA 23 for Xbox Series X|S brings even more action and realism to the fields of the Game of Everyone, with improvements in HyperMotion2 technology, which now features twice as many real-world motion captures, resulting in more authentic football animations than ever before.

Enjoy one of the greatest football games of recent years, featuring the Men's and Women's FIFA World Cup. The game also features crossplay so you can play with even more friends.

Eastern Exorcist (Console and PC) - May 18th

Eastern Exorcist is a stunning 2D side-scrolling action RPG set in a fictional Eastern world infested with malicious demons. Play as a skilled exorcist against the evil chaos, fighting your way through this brutal world and experiencing unexpected entanglements with complex beings.

Ghostlore (Console) - May 18th

Ghostlore is an "Eastpunk" action RPG where you battle monsters from Southeast Asian folklore. Inspired by timeless classics like Diablo 2 and Titan Quest, Ghostlore features a detailed item system and character customization, procedurally generated maps, and beautiful 2D isometric art.

Planet of Lana (Consoles and PC) - May 23rd

A planet that used to be a place of undisturbed balance between humans, nature, and animals has now become something completely different. The disharmony that has been building up for hundreds of years has finally arrived in the form of a faceless army. But this is not a story about war. This is a story about a vibrant and beautiful planet - and the journey to keep it that way.

Cassette Beasts (Console) - April 26th

After arriving on PC Game Pass, the title now lands on consoles. You'll use cassette tapes to capture monsters and use them in dangerous battles against a variety of enemies. Experience this retro-style turn-based RPG adventure.

Massive Chalice (Cloud and Console) - May 25th

Massive Chalice is a tactical strategy game from Double Fine Productions set in an epic era. As the immortal ruler of the nation, you will command your heroes, forge marriages to strengthen bloodlines, and fight against a mysterious enemy known as the Cadence in a war that spans hundreds of years.

Railway Empire 2 (Cloud, Console, and PC) - May 25th

Put on the coat of a shrewd entrepreneur, take control of a small railway company in the early 19th century, and turn your steam locomotives into the driving force of the economy. Grow your company to become the largest railway company on the continent, surpassing your competitors by connecting cities and businesses with an ever-expanding network of railway lines, bridges, and tunnels. With 60 famous locomotives at your disposal, pulling freight and passenger cars, you'll inaugurate an important historical era in the Industrial Revolution.

Chicory: A Colorful Tale (Console and PC) - May 30th

Chicory: A Colorful Tale is a top-down adventure game that resembles a coloring book, where you can draw on anything. Use the power of painting to explore new places, solve puzzles, help your friends, and change the world!

A terrible event has occurred. Chicory, a renowned artist and the bearer of the Brush, has disappeared, taking all the colors of the province with her. Now, it's up to you, as the biggest Chicory fan, to take up the Brush and paint in her place. It's quite a challenge... but you're up to the task! Probably!

Games leaving the service

In addition to the new games coming in, some games are also leaving Xbox Game Pass, including Floppy Knights.

Check out the games leaving the service on May 31st:
  • Europa Universalis (PC);
  • Evil Genius 2: World Domination (Cloud, Console, and PC);
  • FIFA 21 (Console and PC) EA Play;
  • Floppy Knights (Cloud, Console, and PC);
  • Lawn Mowing Simulator (Cloud, Console, and PC).
New benefits available on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate
  • FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Supercharge Pack - Available Now
    • The EA Play FUT Supercharge Pack brings new players to your FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. EA Play subscribers can claim this pack from May 16th to June 16th.
  • SMITE x Vshojo Starter Pack - Available Now
    • Vei, Ironmouse, Nyanners, Silvervale, Kson, and Apricot, anime VTubers, have entered Smite as new skins.
Check out the FIFA 23 trailer, available now on Xbox Game Pass:
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