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Xbox Controllers Now Come In Tasty Limeade And Cherry Camo


Microsoft calls them Electric Volt and Daystrike Camo, but that’s not important. What is important is there are two new Xbox wireless controllers coming out next month, both sporting candy-colored analog sticks I want to chew right out of their housings.


The Xbox Design Lab is still on hiatus, so for the time being we’re at the mercy of Microsoft when it comes to new Xbox wireless controller designs. This new pair, coming to stores at the end of April, isn’t too shabby. I’m partial to the Electric Volt, with its high contrast yellow bringing back memories of Gatorade gum, hence the impulse to chew the hell out of it. And just when it seems like too much yellow, the white back comes along to calm everyone down. Well done.



I am not a big camo fan, especially when it comes to colors that aren’t going to help anyone hide anywhere. What the Daystrike Camo model does having going for it is the textured grip extends over the triggers. It’s that sort of attention to detail that makes this model $69.99 to the Electric Volt’s $64.99.


In celebration of these two new colors, Microsoft is also releasing themed clothing for some reason.



This controller-inspired clothing is part of the new Xbox Icon Collection, which prominently features the word “Xbox” as well as some icons. It’ll be available in the Xbox Gear Shop starting April 21.


Source: Kotaku

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