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Winds Of Change Is The "Ultimate Furry Tale" Coming To Switch This June

Wait, do they mean furry, or... *furry*?




Winds of Change is a Canadian-made visual novel that first came onto people's radars in 2019, when it raised 392% of its Kickstarter goal. It came out on Steam not long after, and almost two years later, it's making its way to Switch, too, thanks to the support of publisher Crunching Koalas (Thronebreaker, This War of Mine).




You can probably tell a lot about Winds of Change from the screenshots — it's a game that's all about navigating the wreckage of a civil war through the lens of furry characters. You'll play as the Seer, who — as the "chosen one" — will be able to make decisions that change the fate of the world.


Inspired by deep branching narratives like Dragon Age and Mass Effect, Winds of Change has a complex story with "difficult, impactful choices", with a setting that the lead developer and writer Klace describes as a "mature, dark fantasy". The game is also fully voiced — a rarity amongst visual novels — including voices who've worked on Overwatch, My Time At Portia, and Danganronpa, as well as the voice of New Pokémon Snap's Rita.



Winds of Change will come out on the Nintendo eShop on the 3rd of June for $19.99 (US) or £17.99 (UK).


Is Winds of Change the tangled web of narrative you've been looking for?



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