Wild Hearts brings a sinister new Kemono subspecies

Wild Hearts brings a sinister new Kemono subspecies
Kemono Grimstalker now available for free in the game

Wild Hearts has received its second free update, bringing a Kemono subspecies, the Grimstalker, a wolf that controls both water and fire.

Located on Natsukodachi Island, the Kemono gives out materials that allow players to forge two new weapons with the monster's characteristics.

The free update also brings the new Fulgent armor set, so hurry up to defeat the Grimstalker and get the necessary materials.

In addition to these new features, the update adds three new missions to the game, one of which is to defeat Amateraso in Akikure Canyon without dying, another is to defeat Kingtusk and Icetusk in Fuyufusagi Fort with only two lives. In the last one, the player must face Mighty Dreadclaw, Pearlbeak, and Lavaback all in one go.

New update on April 6th

The next update for Wild Hearts is scheduled for April 6. This time we will meet Murakumo the fox, another Kemono, who manipulates petals.

Along with the fox will also come new weapons and armor made from Murakumo's materials, a limit overcoming system, upgrades, and more.

Wild Hearts is available for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC via EA App, Epic Games Store and Steam.
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