Watch the most fun and unusual moment of Alan Wake II

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One of the most entertaining and unexpected parts of Alan Wake II is now available to watch for free on YouTube. However, a warning for players: the video clip contains some minor spoilers for both Alan Wake and Alan Wake II.

The band Old Gods of Asgard, which performs some songs from the game Alan Wake II, released a video with the delightful performance of Sam Lake (Alex Casey), Ilkka Villi (Alan Wake), and David Harewood (Warlin Door) dancing to the song "Herald of Darkness".

In Chapter Initiation 4: We Sing, Alan Wake finds himself trapped in The Dark Place, and the writer and lantern enthusiast must navigate through various musical segments during a disturbing late-night talk show.

Similar to CONTROL in the Gray Maze (with the song "Take Control" also by the band Old Gods of Asgard), the entire chapter is set to the band's music, and it seems that Sam Lake has given a good upgrade to this chapter in Alan Wake II.

This chapter is entirely musical with large light panels in a setting resembling a big rock show where Alan needs to escape. Without a doubt, the entire team, including the actors and, of course, Sam Lake, the game's director and writer, had a lot of fun composing this episode.

After all, it's not just about making a sensational game; you have to have fun!
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