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Watch Dogs Legion PS5, PS4 Update Will Add Crossplay

Watch Dogs Legion PS5, PS4 Update Will Add Crossplay

DedSec on the case.



Tourists returning to Watch Dogs Legion’s futuristic reimagining of London have been disappointed to learn that the title’s new online mode lacks crossplay – and even cross-generational play. This means, if you’re playing on the PlayStation 5, then you can’t even partner up with players on the PS4 – let alone Xbox platforms and PC.


For many, this is disappointing, as their friends may yet to have sourced PS5 stock – or even own a PlayStation at all. Fortunately, publisher Ubisoft is on the case. “While currently not available for Watch Dogs Legion online mode, the development team is working on adding crossplay and cross-generation-play to the game with a later update,” the French company revealed on the game’s social media account.


Many titles support crossplay now – you can find a list of All PS5 and PS4 Crossplay Games through the link – and it’s become an important feature not only because it’s a more convenient means of playing with friends and family, but also because it helps to bolster the playerbases of games with smaller communities. This leads to faster matchmaking times and fuller lobbies.


It sounds like the open worlder’s online mode launched a little hot, as it’s missing its Tactical Op due to Ubisoft discovering a bug at the last minute. The firm’s said that it’ll be updating and expanding upon what it’s already offering over the coming months, so don’t give up on DedSec just yet – it sounds like this feature will just need a little bit of time to properly find its feet.




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