Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate Definitive Edition Defies Naming Logic in Surprise Rating

Super Turbo Ultimate Definitive Complete Deluxe Game of the Year Edition.

You've heard of Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate. You've heard of Definitive Editions. But have you heard of Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate Definitive Edition? No, this isn't some kind of meme — it's an actual name that was just given a rating in Australia (as spotted by Gematsu).

Why? We don't know. Warriors Orochi 3 isn't even the most recent Warriors Orochi game — that would be Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate, which released in 2020. We don't know why Koei Tecmo would be going back to the series' third instalment, but this rating suggests that it is. Very strange.

For what it's worth, Warriors Orochi 3 is regarded by many fans to be one of the best Warriors games on the modern market — so maybe Koei Tecmo just wants to revisit hack and slash greatness. Going by the name, this could be a new version of Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate that includes all previously released DLC (most of which is additional character costumes).

But yeah, not a rating that we ever expected to see. We'll be keeping an eye out for an official announcement in the near future.


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About the game

Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate

Release date: Sep 02, 2014

Developer(s): Omega Force,

Publisher(s): Koei Tecmo Games Co., Ltd.,

Game Mode: Single player, Multiplayer, Co-operative,

Platform(s): PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch,

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