Vinnie Jones takes command in World of Tanks for Festive Operations

Vinnie Jones takes command in World of Tanks for Festive Operations
The World of Tanks franchise, known for its annual festive traditions, continues to bring a special celebrity to its year-end celebrations. Renowned British football player and film star Vinnie Jones is ready to lend his charismatic tough-guy personality to the highly anticipated Holiday Ops event.

Vinnie Jones, who has been secretly working as Santa's enforcer, dealing with the "naughty list," revealed that this year, he's not here to punish but to replace good ol' Santa. He's stepping down from his role to become the commander in World of Tanks, but not before eliminating one last "naughty list."

"You heard it right, I'm hanging up my candy canes to join the amazing World of Tanks players in Holiday Ops," says Vinnie Jones, the festive ambassador for World of Tanks. "My days of 'correcting' people on the naughty list are over. I'm a World of Tanks commander now, and it'll be 'Jingle-Bells' all the time!"

Players will have the opportunity to join Vinnie Jones in the vehicle garage, where he will assign challenges and missions to the most dedicated and festive tankers. The successful completion of these missions will be rewarded with thematic customization items, such as celebrity-inspired tank skins, emblems, inscriptions, decals, medals, exclusive decorations, avatars, and more.

Players will also be able to recruit Vinnie for their crews, relying on his rough and iconic voice to support them in battles. The Holiday Ops event is set to begin on December 1, offering a unique festive experience for players on all platforms.
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