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This madman made the world's largest working Switch

This madman made the world's largest working Switch

You can use the giant buttons


YouTuber Michael Pick managed to craft a gigantic Nintendo Switch that actually works. So how did Pick do it? Well, there's a very breezy and informative roughly four minute video to catch, but here's a quick overview.


In short, it's a Switch hooked up to an embedded 4K screen. Basically, the giant thing has working buttons, but for ease, you're going to want to hook up something like a Pro Controller to it. At 2:38 in the video Pick open sup the "Joy-Con" to show the internal wiring. Real Joy-Con are mounted inside each faux giant Joy-Con, with servos that control the overarching "giant Switch."


The entire rig is 65 pounds, has a 4K display, and clocks in at 30 inches high and 70 inches wide. The story doesn't just end there either! Pick donated the giant Switch to Saint Jude's Children's Hospital.



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