Thirdverse announces Soul Covenant - an epic virtual reality adventure for 2024

Thirdverse announces Soul Covenant - an epic virtual reality adventure for 2024
Thirdverse surprised everyone with the announcement of Soul Covenant, an exciting game for PlayStation VR 2, PC via Steam, and Quest 2. Set to be released in the first half of 2024, players will have the chance to immerse themselves in this world at Tokyo Game Show 2023, from September 21 to 24.

Soul Covenant unfolds in a future and desolate Japan, the stage of an intense battle between humanity and machines. Seemingly insurmountable challenges provide a sense of triumph to the brave, rewarding those who face the storm.

The narrative is poignant, exploring life through death, guiding players through the eyes of the fallen and the experiences of the defeated, turning sacrifices into a journey of redemption.

This tactical action game in virtual reality will offer deep immersion, allowing players to become one with the protagonist as they fight for the fate of the world.

Thirdverse is determined to raise the standard of virtual reality action, bringing together exceptional talent in story, music, and character design. The game promises an exciting battle experience and a unique emotional immersion.

The development team includes illustrious names such as Teruhiro Shimogawa, director and scenario writer, known for series like Soul Sacrifice and Mega Man Battle Network, Shogo Matsuo, character designer, and Yasunori Mitsuda, renowned composer for works like Chrono Cross and Xenogears Episode I.

Soul Covenant is a promise of intense action and an engaging narrative that players will soon be able to experience.

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