Tekken 8 reveals the trailer for Ling Xiaoyu, the Dancing Phoenix

Tekken 8 reveals the trailer for Ling Xiaoyu, the Dancing Phoenix
Ling Xiaoyu continues her mission in search of Jin Kazama

Ling Xiaoyu, the Dancing Phoenix, is back in Tekken 8 and has received a gameplay trailer showcasing her moves and fighting style.

Present in the franchise since Tekken 3, Ling Xiaoyu appeared as a girl in love with amusement parks, seeking, one day, to conquer her own park.

Over time, her story began to relate to the Mishima family, Xiaoyu began to have a great focus on Jin Kazama, her mission must continue in Tekken 8, seeking Kazuya Mishima's son.

Other characters like Jun Kazama and King also received their gameplay trailers, featuring new moves in their moves.

Tekken 8 does not yet have a release date, but it will arrive for Playstation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

Check out the gameplay trailer for Ling Xiaoyu:
About the game

Tekken 8

Release date: Dec 31, 2023

Developer(s): Bandai Namco Entertainment, Arika Co., Ltd.,

Publisher(s): Bandai Namco Entertainment,

Game Mode: Single player, Multiplayer,

Platform(s): PC (Microsoft Windows), PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S,

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