Supergiant announces early access on the way for Hades II

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Supergiant Games, the developer of Hades, has announced exciting updates about the highly anticipated sequel, Hades II. Since its unveiling at The Game Awards, the team has made significant progress, and the long-awaited Early Access launch is planned for the second quarter of 2024.

Supergiant Games is committed to delivering an unforgettable experience with Hades II. During Early Access, players will find a substantial amount of content that matches what the original game offered at the start of Early Access on Steam.

Interested individuals can already add Hades II to their wishlists on Steam or the Epic Games Store and sign up to receive email updates.

Technical Testing Ahead of Early Access

In the second quarter of 2024, ahead of the Early Access launch, Supergiant Games plans to conduct technical testing. This test will target a restricted group of players to identify and resolve any technical or compatibility issues that may arise, ensuring that players have a smooth gaming experience during Early Access.

Following the Early Access launch, several Major Updates are planned to expand the story, introduce new characters, and enhance the game. This will culminate in version 1.0 of Hades II, marking the conclusion of the story and receiving the necessary final adjustments.

While the time required to reach v1.0 of Hades II is not confirmed, the team is focused on continuing to develop core content, including environments, characters, weapons, story events, and the soundtrack.

Players can expect the Technical Test and Early Access to launch in the second quarter of the upcoming year as Supergiant Games strives to create an amazing gaming experience.
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