Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League adds a surprise Denuvo before launch.

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A Warner Bros and Rocksteady Studios surprised gamers by adding the anti-tampering technology Denuvo to Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, just days before its release. The discovery was made after an update on the game's Steam page, revealing the presence of Denuvo, a measure that was not previously disclosed by the publisher.

Despite the game being available for pre-order for some time, Warner Bros chose to keep the addition of Denuvo a secret, a practice that has generated discontent among PC gamers. The late revelation of the anti-tampering technology raises questions about the publisher's transparency with its community.

In November 2023, when the PC requirements were shared, the presence of Denuvo was not mentioned, which may further increase concerns among players regarding Warner Bros' practices. However, the use of Denuvo is not exclusive to the publisher, as others like Square Enix and Capcom also employ it, but they usually disclose this information in advance.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League will be released on February 2nd, and the unexpected presence of Denuvo adds a new layer of controversy to this title, which has already faced challenges and controversies since its initial announcement.

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