Street Fighter 6 has news with Hikaru Takahashi as commentator and Capcom Pro Tour

Street Fighter 6 has news with Hikaru Takahashi as commentator and Capcom Pro Tour
Capcom confirms the participation of actress Hikaru Takahashi as a commentator in Street Fighter 6

During the recent edition of Capcom Spotlight, the electronic game company Capcom confirmed the presence of the Japanese actress Hikaru Takahashi as a commentator in their next game, the highly anticipated Street Fighter 6. Hikaru Takahashi is another addition to the cast of commentators for the game, who it already has other names like Thea Trinidad, WWE professional wrestler, Kosuke Hiraiwa, H.E.Demon Kakka, Tasty Steve and James Chen.

Players who want a pro-like experience will be able to turn on real-time commentary during gameplay, where the personality of their choice will narrate the events of their matches. Capcom is bringing several new features to the game, using the same game engine as Resident Evil Village and Devil May Cry 5, with the intention of delivering characters with very realistic visuals.

In addition to the new commentator, all commentary during the fight will be subtitled in thirteen different languages. The presentation also showcased the online mode that emulates the arcade experience and the game's story mode. The publisher also ensured a more accessible command configuration for new players.

Capcom also announced that Street Fighter 6 will be the highlight game of the Capcom Pro Tour, with a prize of one million dollars for the first place of the championship. In all, there will be more than two million dollars in prize money, making this one of the biggest fighting game tournaments ever held.

The launch is scheduled for June 2, 2023 and has everything to be a success among fighting game fans and professional players.
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