Street Fighter 6: Check out a preview of A.K.I. in battle

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Witness this insane sequence of moves from the new character

Capcom has unveiled a preview of the new character A.K.I. from Street Fighter 6, showing her executing a beautiful sequence of moves and defeating her opponent.

The video features an impressive combination of moves that leave the opponent in the match, Chun-Li, completely helpless, defeated in a matter of seconds.

A flawless, stunningly executed sequence by A.K.I., showcasing an enticing set of moves that culminate in a beautiful knockout!

"Will you be able to impress her when she sneaks into Street Fighter 6 on September 27th?" says the video description.

A.K.I. has also received a gameplay trailer, featuring many of her moves and actions, giving an idea of what can be done against opponents.

Part of A.K.I.'s personality comes from her master, F.A.N.G, introduced in Street Fighter V. In the World Tour mode, you will be able to learn more about A.K.I.'s interest in the Shadaloo organization and help her find her medicinal herb in Tian Hong Yuan, a new location.

A.K.I. arrives on September 27th along with her Costume 2. In addition to A.K.I., the Year 1 Character Pass includes the character Rashid.

Street Fighter 6 is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

Check out the preview of A.K.I. in battle:
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