Stray's Day One Pawtch Notes Correct Naughty Cat Collisions on PS5, PS4

Feline fine.

Stray is out in a little over a week – and it won’t cost PS Plus Extra or PS Plus Premium subscribers a penny. It all means that developer BlueTwelve Studios is getting ready for release, and has submitted a first batch of patches to Sony’s servers. There are two launch day updates ready and waiting, both of which ask you to “hug your cat for us”. N’awww.

The full patch notes are below:

Stray v1.02

  • Improved navigation in various places
  • Made some game scripts more robust when reloading checkpoints
  • Improved audio during cinematics
  • Polished audio sounds and general mix in throughout
  • Small graphical tweaks and fixes
  • Improved localisation in several languages
  • A LOT of collision fixes, naughty cat!

Stray v1.01

  • Localization has been improved in several languages
  • Supplemental vibration has been added throughout the game
  • Some Meows have been totally re-meowed
  • Stability has been improved during a few critical moments
  • Performance has been improved in a few demanding places

Earlier this week, the game’s Trophy list also emerged, confirming you’ll need to meow 100 times and nap for an hour in order to unlock the all-important Platinum. 


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