Stranger of Paradise Brings Chaos to PS5 SSDs

Stranger of Paradise Brings Chaos to PS5 SSDs

71GB without day one patch.

PlayStation 5 owners might want to consider buying that extra internal SSD or deleting some currently installed games because Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is tipped for a hefty file size. According to the PlayStation Game Size Twitter account, which scrubs the PSN backend for details on upcoming titles, we could be looking at 71.505GB of chaos. This is before the day one patch is applied, so the file size could increase or decrease between now and launch in March.

This is just the latest game the Twitter account has scrubbed for file sizes through the PSN database, with another recent one being Horizon Forbidden West. It's claimed the Zero Dawn follow-up could be in the regions of a whopping 96GB. Again, though, this is prior to a day one patch. And just like the Stranger of Paradise footprint, we're sure the two games will be updated through the backend even before a launch patch is ready.

Of course, the game is also coming to PS4, but with the last-gen system boasting more ways of boosting your storage capabilities, it won't be quite as big an issue there. Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is out for both consoles on 18th March 2022, but pre-ordering the title grants you three days of early access.

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