Starfield surpasses Skyrim in record concurrent players on Steam

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With an impressive 330,723 concurrent players on Steam, Starfield has shown its immediate power and appeal

Bethesda's release of Starfield last Wednesday made history by surpassing the peak concurrent players on Steam, leaving behind one of the most iconic titles in The Elder Scrolls series.

In the days following its release, Starfield captured the attention of PC gamers worldwide, reaching an impressive peak of 330,723 concurrent players on Steam.

This represents a significant milestone as it surpassed the concurrent player count of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, which had reached 287,411 concurrent players 12 years ago.

While surpassing Skyrim's record, Starfield is still behind another Bethesda hit, Fallout 4, which reached a peak of 472,962 concurrent players eight years ago. However, it's worth noting that Starfield is also available on Xbox Game Pass, which could positively impact these numbers.

In addition to the record concurrent players on Steam, Microsoft and Bethesda announced that Starfield has already surpassed six million players in less than two days after its release.

On launch day, the game had already exceeded one million concurrent players across all platforms. The space RPG also had an impressive start on Steam, with 234,502 concurrent players in its first two hours of Early Access on September 1st.

Starfield was released for Xbox Series X|S, PC, and Xbox Game Pass on September 6th, and its warm reception and impressive concurrent player numbers confirm its position as one of the standout titles of the year in the gaming world.
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