Sonic Superstars: Fang's Big Break - The New Sonic Team Digital Comic

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Released this week by the Sonic Team, the first part of Sonic Superstars: Fang's Big Break, an exciting digital comic, through Sonic's official social channels.

This comic story precedes the events of Sonic Superstars and the recent animation Trio of Trouble, reintroducing fans to the character Fang and his early adventures in the mysterious Northstar Islands. The plot was skillfully written by Ian Flynn and brought to life through illustrations by Evan Stanley. Fans can check out the first four pages of this exciting story on Sonic's official social channels.

And there's even more joy for fans of the blue hedgehog. Pre-orders for the Physical Standard and Digital editions, as well as the Digital Deluxe version of Sonic Superstars, are now available on By pre-ordering, players will receive an exclusive LEGO Eggman skin to use in the game.

But the rewards don't stop there. Fans can subscribe to the official newsletter until January 31, 2024, and secure a classic and redefined Amy Rose skin in Sonic Superstars upon its release on October 17.

For all the details and terms and conditions, visit the official website. Get ready to dive into the exciting Sonic universe with this digital comic and the much-anticipated arrival of Sonic Superstars.
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