Sonic Frontiers Shows Off Cyberspace And Switch Gameplay In New Trailer

Homages to the past.

We've already had a ton of speedy Sonic Frontiers trailers this month, but today's Nintendo Direct Mini gave us an extra taste of what to expect from the blue blur's open zone game.

Today's trailer gave us a first look at the game running on Switch, and it looks surprisingly smooth! While the new trailer didn't show off much new stuff otherwise, we did get a glimpse at some of the weather effects, more combat, and more of Sonic just running around some vast, open fields, collecting rings and climbing up towers.

There was also a hint of Eggman's presence, with what looks like a mechanical building with the nefarious doctor's logo plastered on the side.

The biggest reveal is a new area called 'Cyberspace' which will hide away challenges for you to complete. Some of the levels in this area look like they're based on levels from Sonic's history, with a Green Hill-based area and something that looks like Metal Harbour from Sonic Adventure 2. Here you'll unlock keys that will help you progress even further — whether that's in the main story, or just to unlock more challenges, we'll have to wait and see.


Sonic Frontiers is due to launch later this year on the Switch. Were you impressed by today's trailer?


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