Sonic Frontiers Has Officially Gone Gold, Launching On Switch November 8th

Sonic returns.

Sonic Frontiers arrives on Switch and multiple other platforms on November 8th, and ahead of release, Sega has announced the game has gone gold. This was revealed in a message by the game's director Morio Kishimoto, who mentioned how development on the main game had officially been completed.

Here's the scoop (via the Tails' Channel Twitter account):

As you might recall, Sonic Frontiers was originally intended to line up with the blue blur's 30th anniversary in 2021, but Sonic Team decided to postpone it to "brush up the quality" of the final product. 

Veteran Sega composer Tomoya Ohtani has also been putting the finishing touches on the game's soundtrack. All up, it's expected to feature around 6 hours and 30 minutes of music.


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Sonic Frontiers

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