Save the date: BlizzCon 2023 will be held on November 3rd and 4th with live audience

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Save the date

After many long years, especially due to the COVID-19 pandemic, BlizzCon 2023 is finally confirmed, and it will once again have a live audience. The event will take place on November 3rd and 4th at the Anaheim Convention Center, United States.

As a celebration for the community, BlizzCon 2023 aims to reconnect the love and friendship of players around the world, who always plan their annual schedule with the convention in mind. It's a chance to stay updated on the company's latest news and, most importantly, to reunite with their squad in person after a long period.

As traditionally happens, more details about the cosplay contest, ticket prices, and other activities will be revealed soon. Apart from pleasing the community, attendees can certainly expect exciting news from the world of World of Warcraft, Overwatch, Diablo, and other games.

Who else is excited about the event being held with a live audience?
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