Retrovania! Hayaku! Island of Darkness is announced for PC

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A great homage to the 8-bit era

Developed by the Argentine studio Pizia, Hayaku! and the Island of Darkness has just been announced for PC (via Steam), promising to bring joy to all players who are fans of a good metroidvania, just like in the 80s/90s.

Hayaki is a soldier, a member of Reikan, an organization dedicated to investigating and stopping anomalous activities. He must investigate a mysterious island that has become home to dangerous and unpredictable creatures for no apparent reason. Moreover, Hayaki believes that his missing brother may also be found in this den of evil.

With visuals and a soundtrack inspired by classic NES games, the game offers a map system that tracks your progress. As you advance in the adventure, more areas are unlocked, along with a generous arsenal of over 12 weapons that can be used as upgrades for your sword or gun.

Hayaku! and the Island of Darkness also features a robust customization system, allowing you to personalize your combat robot with new abilities and upgrades.

Scheduled for 2024, Hayaku! and the Island of Darkness will initially be released exclusively for PC.
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Hayaku! Island of Darkness

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