Restore the land of Tessara to its former glory in the RPG Metroidvania Testament: The Order of High Human.

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Wake up guardian, wake up ultimate savior

Developed by the Fairyship Games studio, the RPG Metroidvania Testament: The Order of High-Human promises to present a post-apocalyptic fantasy world and an epic story of family betrayal, revenge, redemption, and restoration of a land lost to darkness.

As a first-person view (FPS) adventure, the player controls the king of the superior humans in the land of Tessara, Aran, guardian of the kingdom, who in an unexpected maneuver involving the dark arts and ruthless political action, has had his powers stolen by his brother, Arva, who has caused the world to fall into perpetual destruction and opened a mystical portal allowing bizarre and monstrous creatures to enter.

His arduous mission will be to restore the lost peace to the kingdom of Tessara by gradually recovering his powers, as well as confronting his "dear" brother to try to understand what happened to make him act in this ruthless way. 

According to Moe Naderi, co-creator and co-founder of the Fairyship Games studio, the game's plot is basically the story of a fallen king seeking to restore peace and order to his kingdom.

"The best way to describe Testament: The Order of High Human is to say that it's a great melting pot of the best elements from some of the greatest adventure games of the last decade," Naderi said. "If you take God of War from 2018, throw in some Elder Scrolls and a slice of two Dark Souls for good measure, all played in first-person, and you'll have the world of Testament in a nutshell."

In its gameplay, the game features a robust immersive combat system based on three different approaches, each designed to offer its own unique features that allow the player to rely on it to advance through the majority of the game, as well as offering 15 magic abilities, including single-target spells, traps, area-of-effect (AoE) attacks, damage per second (DPS), and defensive spells. Learn about other features:
  • Use a magic bow with four different arrow types, such as normal arrow, bouncing arrow, exploding arrow, and traversing arrow.
  • Enjoy a great experience and upgrade system that motivates players to fully explore all lands and dungeons.
  • Experience unique gameplay areas with exciting platforming elements that recall the nostalgic excitement of retro 2D platform games.
  • Control a new "Eclipse System" based on gameplay entities called eyes of darkness, consisting of three different gameplay mechanics that can work separately or together to provide exciting encounters and challenges.
  • Use more than 18 consumables at the player's disposal. These craftable items can affect the player's health and mana or create improvements to the player's belongings and environment. Using them together can provide advantages to help players shape their own play style.
  • Tackle over 40 carefully crafted main and side quests relevant to the game's consistent narrative.
  • Experience a strong and engaging narrative with a non-linear storytelling style.

Testament: The Order of High-Human has no release date.
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