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Resident Evil Village Looks Much Scarier As A PS1 Game


I wasn’t blown away by the scares in Resident Evil Village, and it turns out a PlayStation 1-style demake is all the proof I need to believe the game would have been a much more terrifying experience on older consoles.


Created by Hoolopee, whose impressive work we’ve showcased before, this Resident Evil Village demake video is a mash-up of scenes from the real game’s early trailers with blocky, OG PlayStation-style textures and foggy backgrounds that perfectly evoke a bygone era of video games.



Hoolopee even animated the whole thing at just 21 frames per second to give it a more old-school vibe, a level of dedication I whole-heartedly appreciate.


Maybe it’s Lady Dimitrescu’s dead eyes, or the fact that my brain has to fill in gaps that don’t exist in the original’s high-definition graphics, but this version of Resident Evil Village seems to be far creepier than the extremely realistic-looking game we got. My heart probably won’t be able to take it if the horrors lurking beneath House Beneviento get the same treatment, so maybe just leave that one alone, Hoolopee.


Source: Kotaku

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