Replaced officially delayed to 2024

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Enthusiasts eagerly awaiting the intriguing world of Replaced will have to exercise some patience as developer Sad Cat Studios has officially announced the game's delay to the year 2024.

The decision to postpone the release was communicated in an official statement by Sad Cat Studios, in which the team expressed their acknowledgment of the "incredible level of community expectations." It was this pressure on the game's release that led the team to conclude they cannot "afford to release a subpar game."

According to the team, most of the game's systems are now functional and progressing steadily, and they are currently engaged in an "intensely asset production phase."

Regarding the new release date, the team did not provide a specific date but indicated that the game will be released at some point in 2024.

Replaced is a game that combines action and platforming elements, set in a dystopian science fiction backdrop. With its unique aesthetic and engaging gameplay, fans eagerly anticipate the opportunity to explore this intriguing world when the game finally launches in 2024.
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