Redfall gets story trailer

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The trailer also shows off more of the game's gameplay.

The desire to kill vampires only increases and Arkane Austin released a new trailer for Redfall, presenting the game's story, showing us the reason for the existence of vampires in the city of Redfall, and of course, showing more of the gameplay.

We see that scientific experiments done by the company Aevum HQ, turned inhabitants of Redfall into vampires, as they disappeared "out of nowhere". Part of our mission is to investigate the motives behind these experiments.

"Redfall is an open-world, co-op, single-player first-person shooter developed by Arkane Austin. Continuing Arkane's legacy of carefully crafted worlds and immersive simulations, Redfall brings the developer's signature gameplay to this action-packed and exciting game. narrative-focused shooting."

With a focus on cooperative, Redfall has crossplay between Xbox Series X|S and PC, platforms on which it will be present. It is worth remembering that when joining an online session, only the host will have progression in the story.

It's still possible to play the game alone, so you can choose between helping a friend progress, being helped, or just picking up your weapons and filling some vampires with "olive".

Redfall launches on May 2 for Xbox Series X|S and PC, as well as coming straight to Xbox Game Pass.
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