Psychological Horror Title Luto Aims to Give You Fresh Nightmares on PS5, PS4 in 2022

Check out those sheet physics!

A new trailer for the psychological trauma-inducing Luto was shown off during the Future Games Show. A first-person horror title that looks set to reinvigorate the basic white sheet as a Haloween costume this year, Luto is coming to PS5 and PS4 in 2022.

Developed by Spanish studio Broken Bird Games, Luto has a basic premise: You embody a person unable to leave their own house, and in attempting to do so, you will need to relive the trauma of losing a loved one and emerge from the darkness of anxiety and depression. It's enough to brighten anyone's mood!

Does Ludo look like something that might keep you up until the small hours of the night, pondering the very nature of existence and probing the depths of your immortal soul?


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