Project G is announced by NCSoft, studio responsible for RPG Throne and Liberty

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Game involves dragons and monsters

In the process of releasing the promising RPG Throne and Liberty for PC (coming to PS5 and Xbox Series S|X in the future), co-developer studio NCsoft (responsible for publishing Blade and Soul, Lineage 2 and the Guild Wars games) has just announced that his next one will be a real-time MMO with dragons and monsters.

Named Project G, the game is being made through the Unreal Engine and is based on large-scale wars with colorful fantasy settings with sci-fi elements, set on the continent of Pangea.

Unlike most of the more traditional RTS games, such as Halo Wars, Age of Empire, among others, Project G will be based on the construction of housing and buildings, in addition to the possibility of recruiting your own army to face the feared flying beasts, enemy troops, in addition to of other beastly creatures. In addition, the game will implement a guild system that will fight for territories full of resources.

Still without a release date, Project G promises to offer players a unique experience in a fantasy world, monsters and much more.

Project G will be released in 2023 for PC and mobile devices.
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