Potion Permit is Stardew Valley but with Alchemy, Coming to PS5, PS4 on September 22nd

Get mixin'.

Potion Permit is a charming life-sim in which you play as a Chemist sent to the picaresque town of Moonbury in order to cure the mayor's daughter, who has fallen ill with a mysterious sickness.

You gather reagents and concoct potions through a cool alchemical minigame, and engage in some simple combat, all the while accompanied by a cute dog. What's not to love? We'll be keeping an eye on this one ahead of its 22 September release date on PS5 and PS4.

Does Potion Permit look like something you would be interested in? Did you play Stardew Valley? 



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Potion Permit

Release date: Jan 01, 1970


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