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When friendship, professionalism and dedication come together, they make a great game. In an interview made especially for Mundo Indie, this week we had the opportunity to learn about the history of Point'N Sheep, the Brazilian studio responsible for the incredible game Bloodless, with Danilo Freire, one of the developers.

Point'N Sheep is a studio formed by five friends, with four people from Recife and one from Minas Gerais. The team, made up of developers Antônio Harger, Danilo Freire, Filipe Augusto, Leona Clarc and Renato Silva, together they have been producing Bloodless with great care and synergy.

The group began forming in college and at game jam events. Through interactions at game jams in Recife, they realized that their ideals and design philosophies were very much in line with each other. So some of them started working together at various companies or collaborating on each other's personal projects.

But in 2020, they came together around an idea: to gather the team around a new studio, with original projects based on the prototypes developed in the game jams. Thus was born Point'N Sheep, with a union of experiences and ideas that could only generate something unique like Bloodless.

However, the team did not stick to a particular style or aesthetic of play; rather, they used the experience and knowledge of several references in a project that could be tested, validated and fun. What we see in Bloodless is the union of very rich experiences, with several games, animes and a scenario inspired by Feudal Japan made by truly passionate people.

Bloodless is an action-adventure game set in the eastern lands of Bakugawa. We will follow the journey of Tomoe, a ronin who lives in the shadow of a dark past. In her saga, we will find out why she, a former captain of the Shogun army, renounced her sword.

Bloodless has received rave reviews for its storytelling, gameplay and visual style and will be available on PC, Xbox and Playstation with a slated release date of the first half of 2024 and wishlist it now on Steam.

Point'N Sheep is an example of how friendship and professionalism can come together to create incredible projects. With Bloodless, they show the full potential of the games industry in Brazil and how it is possible to achieve success even with limited resources.

We look forward to seeing more original, quality projects come from this talented and dedicated studio.

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