NVIDIA announces new games with DLSS 3 support and more during GDC 2023

NVIDIA announces new games with DLSS 3 support and more during GDC 2023
In addition to the new games with DLSS 3 support, the company announced tools for developers

With the approach of the Game Developers Conference 2023 (GDC), NVIDIA announced this Thursday (16) more games that are receiving DLSS 3 support on PC, in addition to other news.

The catalog of games supporting DLSS 3 now has three more games, namely Forza Horizon 5, Diablo IV and Redfall, the latter two of which will still be released and will arrive with support. In the case of Forza Horizon 5, which already has Ray Tracing, it will receive the technology on March 28.

“Neuro graphics has revolutionized gaming since its introduction with NVIDIA DLSS, and now we're taking it to new heights,” said Matt Wuebbling, vice president of global marketing for GeForce at NVIDIA. "PC gaming super franchises like Diablo, Forza Horizon and Bethesda's new Redfall are raising the bar on image quality with stunning graphics while using DLSS to keep gameplay silky smooth."

Currently, more than 270 games and software use NVDIA DLSS, which is powered by Artificial Intelligence and increases gaming performance. DLSS 3 is the latest version of this technology and is expanding its list of supported games.

"Maintaining smooth gameplay in Diablo IV is a top priority for Blizzard," said Michael Bukowski, technical director for Diablo IV at Blizzard Entertainment. “We are thrilled with the high frame rate of Diablo IV running on NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 Series hardware and DLSS 3.”

What's New for Developers

The company also talked about news for developers, one of which is the public availability of DLSS Frame Generation plugins, which will allow designers to use the technology in their games. More information can be checked through NVIDIA Streamline for free.

Another revelation was that DLSS 3 technology will be integrated into the Unreal Engine 5.2 system, which can accelerate game development performance. According to the vice president of engineering at Epic Games, Nick Penwarden, he says that this will bring more quality to the processes.

"NVIDIA DLSS 3 features truly impressive framing technology and the Unreal Engine 5.2 plugin will provide developers with a great option to increase the quality and performance of their games," he said.

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