Nintendo Expands Switch Online's Expansion Pack Tier With Paper Mario 64, Out Next Week



Hop into the original Paper Mario adventure.


Nintendo will be adding a N64 classic to its Switch Online Expansion Pack service next week on 10th December.



It's the original Paper Mario game - which launched the entire series in the year 2000. Here's the plot directly from Nintendo's PR, along with a video:



"In Paper Mario, his vile viciousness – Bowser himself – has absconded with the magical Star Rod and lifted Peach’s Castle into the sky with the help of Kammy Koopa. Who will stop him now? It’s up to Mario (and you!) to save all seven of the Star Spirits, guarded by Bowser’s handpicked minions. Can you rise to the occasion and pull off a storybook ending?"




Of course, to access this game you'll need to subscribe to Nintendo's Switch Online Expansion Pack tier. This premium service will also give you access to Sega Genesis/Mega Drive games as well as Animal Crossing's Happy Home Paradise DLC.



Will you be trying out the original Paper Mario on Switch Online?


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About the game

Paper Mario

Release date: Feb 06, 2276

Developer(s): Intelligent Systems Co., Ltd.,

Publisher(s): Nintendo,

Game Mode: Single player,

Platform(s): Nintendo 64, Wii U, Virtual Console (Nintendo), Wii,

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