MONARK Brings Ego And Madness To Switch In February

MONARK Brings Ego And Madness To Switch In February



Also has a villainous teddy with a great voice.



MONARK is a project you've likely heard about in recent months; it's an upcoming JRPG with some Shin Megami Tensei veterans involved. The good news is that it now has a release date - it arrives on 25th February.



There's also a new trailer that focuses on 'adversaries' in the game - the first seems to be a bunny teddy with an awesome voice. You can see that trailer at the top of the page along with the brief PR blurb below:



Enemies abound between the real world and the Otherworld in MONARK! Who are your enigmatic opponents? What are their motives? And can you and your allies stand against them?



This is looking like a rather intriguing title; we'll be sure to share updates and new trailers in the lead up to release.



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