Minecraft Live 2023 is announced for October 15th

Minecraft Live 2023 is announced for October 15th
Get ready for a blocky party!

Mojang has announced that Minecraft Live 2023 will take place on October 15th, starting at 2 pm BRT / 1 pm EDT / 3 am AEST / 10 am PST.

What will be showcased at the event is still a secret, but we know that there will be news about Minecraft and Minecraft Legends, information about what to expect in the future, and, of course, the result of the famous Mob Vote.

The Mob Vote is a vote for players to choose which mob should be introduced in Minecraft. The last winner was the Sniffer.

This year, players will have 48 hours to vote, with voting starting on October 13th and closing on October 15th.

Voting can be done in several ways, check out the options below.
  • Through the event server in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition (which will have a series of activities in addition to voting);
  • Through the Minecraft.net website;
  • Through the Minecraft Launcher.
The mobs that will be in the vote have not been revealed yet, but according to the Minecraft.net team, you can find clues in the articles they have published.

"A screaming goat once told me* that October is the BEST month. Not just because it’s full of pumpkins (yum!) or because all the skeletons in my save file finally fit in (aww!), but because Minecraft Live is back on October 15, and this year it’s bigger and blockier than ever!"

The event can be watched on the Minecraft YouTube channel and the Minecraft.net website.
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