Meowvada Kedavra! Think twice before mistreating a cat in Hogwarts Legacy

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Commendable attitude from Avalanche Studios

Knowing that several players were using spells to mistreat the cats around the world of Hogwarts Legacy, the developers of Avalanche Studios made a video with a small demonstration so that, in a way, idiots would think twice before hurting the small animals.

As an incentive, Chandler Wood, the studio's community manager, showed on his twitter how this punishment would work in practice, if it were actually implemented (which I think it should be). And yes, you're not seeing it wrong. In addition to using a shield, the kittens are capable of casting the dreaded and forbidden Avada Kedavra spell.


"After seeing how some people treated cats in the game internally, the developers came up with a fun little thing that I couldn't help but share."

Despite the hilarious content not being present in the last update, the game's devs have made fast travel a little faster and more satisfying, as now it's not necessary to hear all the talk and explanation about how ancient wizards used floo powder.

Available for PS5, Xbox Series S|X and PC, Hogwarts Legacy is due to arrive on PS4 and Xbox One on May 5th, in addition to landing on Nintendo Switch in mid-June.

Never, under any circumstances, mistreat animals, whether in real life or even in a game (of course, unless he is a villain).
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