Meet the story of André Luiz and Captain Lobster Studios | Mundo Indie

Meet the story of André Luiz and Captain Lobster Studios | Mundo Indie
This week on Mundo Indie, we present the story of André Luiz Prado, a talented Brazilian developer who is making his mark in the indie game scene in Brazil.

With eight years of experience in development, Prado began his career as a web and app developer, immersing himself in the world of programming. The discovery of the potential to combine his programming skills with his passion for games led him to turn his hobby into a serious passion.

Prado has been involved in various game development projects, participating in game jams and development groups. His creative mind and passion for development know no bounds, as he has participated in several game jams and even organized some with friends.

One of the most promising projects he was involved in was Mushroom Village, by Guaru Studios, created in partnership with other developers. The game was selected for a showcase in Microsoft's ID@Xbox program, a significant milestone in his journey as a developer.

A year ago, Prado founded Captain Lobster Studios, a game development studio located in Guarulhos, São Paulo, and one of the ongoing projects is Spy Hunting, an action game where players take on the role of spies on thrilling missions.

Spy Hunting is an action game in which players assume the role of a spy and embark on exciting missions to uncover secrets and recruit agents. Although it currently only has a single-player offline mode, Prado plans to add a multiplayer mode in future updates.

You can find Spy Hunting and Mafia Escape on the itch.io

Mafia Escape can be downloaded on Google Play.

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