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Mario Party Superstars Announced, Arrives This October

Mario Party Superstars Announced, Arrives This October

Get ready to get that competitive spirit out, friends, because Nintendo's E3 2021 showcase has revealed that Mario Party Superstars is set to arrive later this year. Revealed during the Nintendo showcase, Mario Party Superstars delivers an experience that respects the franchise's past in the best way possible. 


The upcoming Mario Party title will include over 100 minigames from the entire catalog. Mario Party Superstars arrives on October 29, and we got our first look with the clip below:


Five boards from the Nintendo 64 era and online play with friends? The competition is going to get fierce, especially when you remember how many ways there are in this series to sabotage even your closest friends. At least that chaos is fun though, Mario Party is always a good time. 


What makes these games so fun is that it's just a fun couch co-op experience. Sure, you can play by yourself, but the real magic is playing with friends and family. Now that most of these modes are available in online play, you can play with others near and far. Just don't get too cozy with them, you want those stars for yourself. 



Source: Gameinformer

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