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Limited Run Will Be Publishing Save Me Mr Tako: Definitive Edition On Consoles

Limited Run Will Be Publishing Save Me Mr Tako: Definitive Edition On Consoles

More details to be revealed soon.



Back in 2018, there was mention of the Game Boy-inspired adventure Save Me Mr Tako: Tasukete Tako-San getting a physical release if there was enough interest.


It's been a bumpy ride since then - with the game even delisted on the eShop, but now, it's bounced back.


The new Definitive Edition will be receiving a Limited Run Games physical release on consoles. More details about the new digital release will also be revealed later down the line.



In a separate blog post, the game's developer Christophe Galati revealed the definitive version of the game would arrive digitally on 5th March:


"I waited a long time to get the game patched and I can’t wait for you to experience the game in all its glory in this Definitive Edition."


Unfortunately, if you've already got a copy of the original game - you'll still have to buy this new version again because of the publisher swap:


"Last year for the game's two year anniversary I announced that I had parted away with my former publisher Nicalis, resulting in the game being removed from the stores (Steam and Nintendo eShop). Because the game was delisted and is now under a new publisher, we are unable to patch the existing game and instead need to deliver it as a new title. Unfortunately this means anyone who previously purchased the original game will still have to purchase this new version to enjoy all the new content. I contacted both Valve and Nintendo to see if I could do a special discount for players with the original version in their library but unfortunately it’s impossible."


So, there you go - Mr Tako is finally getting a physical release. Will you be buying this game again, or trying it out for the first time?




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