Learn to Master Brutal Counterattacks in Unsouled, Coming Soon to Xbox



Battle your way through stunning landscapes and bring peace to restless souls. Unsouled is a fast-paced combat game that will challenge you to master its controls with each continue through its stages. We’ve prepared the battlefield; your goal is to mess with it and master your unique moves.



Players will take on the role of Maras, prince of the fallen kingdom that has been attacked by the undead. You will have to defeat various soulless enemies and bosses to gain your revenge and discover the reason behind the fallen kingdom and world of Unsouled.



All of this takes place in beautifully crafted stages inspired by landmarks around the world. If you’re ready to learn more about the gameplay, here are the main features of Unsouled:



Play around within interactive environment


Knock over pillars to use as bridges and slam enemies into walls to stun them. The objects around you are placed there for your use. These interactive terrains will have you take different approaches on planning out your moves. We’re quite excited to see what creative moves our players come up with!



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About the game


Release date: Mar 31, 2020

Developer(s): MeGusta Game,

Game Mode:

Platform(s): PC (Microsoft Windows),

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