Kojima's Secret Xbox Game Is in Progress

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Since Kojima Productions announced a mysterious project in collaboration with Xbox Game Studios, fans have been eager for more information about what Hideo Kojima might be planning.

Although the project is still shrouded in mystery, rumors have emerged that it could be a horror game called "Overdose". While details are scarce, it appears that development is underway.

During last week's Tokyo Game Show, Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, was asked about the game. He stated that the project is progressing well but is not ready to be revealed to the public.

The visit to Kojima Productions' facilities earlier this year, as well as now, along with other Xbox team leaders, further fuels speculation about the project.

While the game remains an enigma, it's important to note that, being a work of Hideo Kojima, it's highly likely to be something unique and innovative. However, it's possible that the studio is currently focused on completing Death Stranding 2 before revealing more details about this mysterious project.

Although the mystery persists, signs of progress indicate that Kojima's secret Xbox project is underway and has not been abandoned, and with each visit, our curiosity only grows.

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