Jackbox Party Pack 8 Is Coming To Switch This Autumn


The Jackbox Party Pack 8 is almost here, and what do you mean you didn't know there were already eight of them?


The super-successful minigame collections have been a mainstay of game-savvy friend groups ever since Jackbox branched out from their "You Don't Know Jack" trivia games into a broader range of offerings, and JPP8 follows on from the crowdpleasing Party Pack 7.


Five new games, including one re-imagined take on a classic, have made it into Party Pack 8:


  • Job Job: A twisted interview game where you use other players’ answers to score the job. Who knew getting a job could be fun AND chaotic? (3-10 players)
  • The Poll Mine: Jackbox’s very first head-to-head team game! Trapped in a magical mine with no way out, try to correctly rank your group’s poll opinions and escape. (2-10 players)
  • Drawful: Animate: This exciting new spin on the classic Drawful introduces animated gifs that you can create. Watch out for those tricky decoys! (3-10 players)
  • The Wheel of Enormous Proportions: The ultimate game of trivia and chance. Doesn’t everyone love a game with a giant, shiny, spinning wheel? (4-8 players)
  • Weapons Drawn: The game where trust is nonexistent. Can you hide your murders while solving others? Get ready to point those fingers because everyone but you did it! (4-8 players)

Jackbox Party Pack 8Jackbox Party Pack 8

Jackbox Party Pack 8Jackbox Party Pack 8


We're extremely intrigued/intimidated by the gif-style Drawful, and honestly, any Jackbox game that involves murders (Trivia Murder Party, Push The Button) is a welcome addition.


Jackbox Party Pack 8 will be coming to the Nintendo Switch, PC and other consoles on October 14th.


Source: Nintendo Life.

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The Jackbox Party Pack 8

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