Inspired by Overcooked and Animal Crossing, Innchanted gets new gameplay

Inspired by Overcooked and Animal Crossing, Innchanted gets new gameplay
Retrieve your magic inn

During the Future Games Show event, studio DragonBear and publisher Twin Sails Interactive unveiled a new gameplay trailer for Innchanted, which launches today, PC-only, via Steam.

As a resource management game, the protagonist had his magical inn stolen by an evil sorcerer, and now, to get it back, he must prove to be a better innkeeper than his great rival.

Can be played in single-player or online cooperative mode, you must prepare potions, fish, cook, serve food and defend your inn from monsters and creatures known as CatBurglars. Not only that, but at night, you need to talk to customers to find out where you can improve service, in addition to practicing some extra activities that could benefit the shift the next day.

With more than fifty levels, Innchanted offers a wide range of customization for tables, paintings, rugs, in addition to the possibility of giving a special touch with exotic animals. Not only that, but upgrades will make your facilities even more distinctive, drawing the attention of tourists and locals alike.

Expect loads of fun, amazing creatures, magical spirits and locals inspired by Indigenous Australian tales.

Protect your inn, learn local customs, fish carefully and be a good companion to help your neighbors.

With a look inspired by Animal Crossing and gameplay reminiscent of the madness of Overcooked, Innchanted promises to please players.
About the game


Release date: Mar 27, 2023

Developer(s): DragonBear Studios,

Game Mode: Single player, Multiplayer, Co-operative,

Platform(s): PC (Microsoft Windows),

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