Hogwarts Legacy breaks sales records, adds new patch for performance and visuals

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Hogwarts Legacy, had an extremely successful launch month, selling over 12 million units in just two weeks. This feat earned the game and Avalanche Software the title of biggest launch ever for a Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment game. .

The game broke Twitch's previous record for concurrent viewers watching a single-player game and peaked at number eight on Steam's all-time concurrent players chart, ranking second when considering single-player games only, behind only Cyberpunk 2077.

According to the European Games Sales Data (GSD) charts, Hogwarts Legacy's launch month was the best-selling month of any game, except for FIFA titles, in Europe over the past six years.

During that time, only football games released by EA Sports had a longer launch month than Hogwarts Legacy. This means that the game has managed to surpass even huge hits like Infinity Ward's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II and Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption 2.

To continue improving the game, Avalanche Software has released a new patch for PC and consoles, which includes performance improvements and ray tracing visuals. The patch also updated facial animations, blurred texture, and LOD pop-in issues during cinematics. In addition, bug and crash fixes were made.

While the developers of Hogwarts Legacy have stated that there are no plans for DLCs, the game's success could lead to publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment to reconsider this position. The game will be released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on May 5 and for Nintendo Switch on July 25.

Finally, it is important to mention that Hogwarts Legacy PC players have access to several mods, which can improve the look, performance, difficulty and even add NPC companions and customize the camera, among other options.
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