Hiroki Totoki is the new CEO of PlayStation

Hiroki Totoki is the new CEO of PlayStation
Jim Ryan, who held the position of President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) since 2019, announced his retirement after nearly 30 years at Sony.

The President and COO of Sony Group Corporation, Hiroki Totoki, has been appointed to assume the role of interim CEO of SIE starting April 1, 2024, while also becoming President of SIE next month.

Hiroki Totoki already holds a significant position in the organizational structure of Sony Group Corporation, serving as Chief Operating Officer (COO) and President of the company. He is the second highest-ranking executive in the company, second only to President and CEO Kenichiro Yoshida.

Totoki joined Sony in 1987 and over the years has held roles in various departments, notably excelling in financial and restructuring areas. He is known for his financial management skills and played a significant role in the launch of Sony Bank. Additionally, he served as CFO of Sony Network Communications. He describes himself as "obsessed with growth."

The transition to interim CEO of SIE occurs while Totoki continues to fulfill his current roles at Sony Group Corporation, indicating the breadth of his responsibilities within the company. The process of finding a permanent successor to Jim Ryan is ongoing.

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